Monthly Archives: February 2012


A new Land Conservancy has been formed to address conservation needs in and around the Anza Valley.  Known as “The High Country Conservancy” or THCC, the organization is dedicated to promoting the wise use of land and water resources that lead to sustainable outcomes for preservation of habitat, cultural values, farmland and quality of life for our local residents in the area. We hope to achieve these goals by conserving lands through acquisition, obtaining conservation easements, monitoring, rehabilitation and stewardship of such lands and by providing outreach and education to the public.

The Anza Valley falls within a “gap” area, with neighboring conservancies, land trusts and parks that do not have much concern or understanding for the conservation issues in and around Anza.  We are a local grassroots organization concerned with addressing issues and protecting our way of life right here in our own back yard. THCC is dedicated to developing flexible relationships with landowners to determine the most cost effective and sustainable conservation outcomes of mutual benefit

Formed by community members for the community and incorporated in November of 2010, The High Country Conservancy is a private 501(c)(3) proposed non-profit organization.

For more information call 951-541-4503 or email us at